Laser Eye Surgery Cost

How Much does LASIK Cost? Explains the Basic Factors

For individuals planning to undergo eye laser surgery to address their vision problem, the first question they will normally ask is “How much does LASIK cost?” Here at, we can explain some of the major factors that determine what an eye clinic may charge for its LASIK surgery:

Procedure Used
A clinic will normally charge higher fees depending on the procedures and equipment used to perform LASIK surgery. For instance, Wavefront LASIK procedures cost more compared to normal LASIK surgery, but have higher chances of achieving 20/20 vision for the patient’s eyes.

The Practitioner
Another factor to consider for LASIK surgery is the surgeon’s credentials. While more experienced doctors charge higher fees, they also have the experience and expertise that allow them to make better decisions to ensure the safety of their patients. In many cases, they are capable of performing complicated procedures that less experienced doctors cannot.

Eye Condition
The cost of the eye laser surgery is directly proportional to the severity of the condition being treated. For instance, patients suffering from presbyopia may need to undergo more extensive and complicated vision corrections compared to patients being treated for astigmatism, resulting in higher costs.

While it is valid to ask “How much does LASIK cost?”, patients should be just as concerned with the quality of the care they receive. By working with an eye clinic that employs experienced doctors and the latest technologies available, a patient can receive the accurate diagnosis and eye treatment needed to put him on a faster road to recovery.

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